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We can live about three months without food, about three days without water, and about three minutes without air...


But we can't live a second without HOPE.

“A Day of Hope” is an initiative to mobilize the church to do high value service projects in the most neglected neighborhoods in our county. The problems we face in our communities aren't white or black problems, republican or democrat, or denominational. They are problems that can only be fixed as God’s people are mobilized into action.

We are challenging the church to sign up for a project, block off 4 - 5 hours to serve, and go into a neglected neighborhood just to show the love of Jesus in a practical way. This may look like:

  • building a handicap ramp for a disabled person
  • replacing a broken door for a widow
  • updating a playground in an apartment community
  • painting the hallway in a school

It’s your choice, but let’s come together to make a difference.  

You can start now by exploring “A Day of Hope” on the menu above and check out some of our projects.